The signature that spells elegance

The Label

Bindu Giri, is a decade-old heritage handloom label that creates bespoke Indian saris & ethnic wear to exclusive clientele across the world, with strong sales in Singapore, U.S, U.K, India. Our designs & artisans have won or been nominated for a number of National Awards over the years. Having been exposed from a young age to exquisite craftsmanship through her royal lineage, Bindu went on to acquire degrees in business and apparel design from the University of Chicago and LaSalle School of Art.

The artist

I’ve revisited age-old methodologies and tailored them to flawlessly weave in with contemporary fashion.

- Bindu Giri, Founder & Creative Head

Post-British rule, the royal families lost their kingdoms, and along with it, master artisans were orphaned and traditions died out. Bindu Giri revived particular traditional looms from oblivion, and continues to build her revivalist expedition across many states and traditions. Bindu Giri creates saris using a spectrum of hand-made textiles that celebrate tradition while hybridizing techniques from across India. She works closely with several weaver communities, with a crystal clear vision to revive fading textile weaves & vanishing ancient techniques by creating awareness and making a difference to weaving communities across the country. Every piece is a work of art; every design, worthy of worship.